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What’s wrong with binge-watching?

A new study published by the American Public Health Association has shown strong links to binge-watching and increased depression and anxiety. Researchers have linked binge-watching to lower sleep quality. And studies have found binge-watching might actually be less enjoyable than watching new episodes on a weekly basis.

So why do we do it?

Binge-watching is a means to satisfy desires.  73% of us have positive feelings about binge-watching TV. Dr. Renee Carr, Psy. D explains on NBC’s health and wellness blog, Better, that binge-watching a show produces a continuous stream of dopamine in our brains:

“[Dopamine] gives the body a natural, internal reward of pleasure that reinforces continued engagement in that activity. It’s the brain’s signal that communicates to the body —This feels good. You should keep doing this!”



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But does it last?

When we finish the entire series, we quite literally “mourn” the loss —  New York Times. The same thing happens when we come to the end of a good book or an epic movie. Have you ever felt that sense of loss? It's real, and it doesn't feel good.

So what makes us keep going back?

Some people think it's only escapism.  When we follow favorite TV shows, re-watch the best movies, or get lost in good books, people think we simply want to avoid reality or forget about our problems in hopes they'll go away.

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Is it only a matter of escape, and is it always destructive?

If we bury ourselves in good stories to avoid responsibilities, or if we do it after working a job we hate, it’s easy to conclude we’re running away from reality, like someone who's a substance abuser. But if we look closer, we'll find something redeeming about this habit, something that can change our lives forever: the power of story.

The Power of Story.

Our favorite shows, movies, and books provide something missing in our lives. They give comfort, fulfillment, and strength in ways we can’t find elsewhere. This is why we keep going back to them--not as an escape, or even as entertainment, but to give us something we long for: a sense of worth, belonging, and purpose.

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Your heroes know there’s more to the story.

Behind the story arcs and the characters we love lie deeper messages—answers to questions about our sense of identity, belonging, and purpose. We binge-watch because we seek the answers hidden behind the story.

The Doorway Experience

Immersing in good stories is meant to be fulfilling, not depressing. Come with me to explore what is behind your love of a good story so you will not only enjoy them over and over again, but you'll know why they fill your soul and how you can use that fulfillment in your everyday life.

I offer three unique programs that use the power of story to help you see your part in an epic journey, fight the demons that hold you back, and tap into a secret weapon so you can discover your true worth and change your life to reflect it.

A Doorway Back to Forever is the foundation for much of the course, but your life story makes it unique to you. Here is a brief description of each course:

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I. Your Divine Origin: The Kingdom of Forever (Where did I come from?)

There is an epic story, rooted in the divine, and you have been part of it from the beginning. To find out your role, you must first discover your connection to the father of all story-tellers.

The Divine Origin is a twelve-part series of video and PDF courses designed to help you remember your eternal roots. It is structured in the familiar language of story. Each step leads you on a hero's journey of discovery that will open your eyes to your eternal identity so you can live a life in the here and now with more purpose, enjoyment, and fulfillment.

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2.  The Hero Within: Skyborn on Earth

(How do I fit in?)

Knowing your true identity is only the first step. Knowing you matter and you belong to something greater than what you see gives you power to fight the battles you face.

The Hero Within is a twelve-part series of video and PDF courses designed to help reignite the hero you were meant to be. It teaches you why you matter, who you belong to, and how to work through adversities in life. It uses the familiar structure of story to guide you to real-life victories every day of your life.

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3. Superpowers: Magic-Sense Unleashed

(How can I achieve happiness?)

Tap into the superpowers that have always been yours. There is no need to fear, doubt, or feel undeserving of the powers designed to bring you to the happily-forever-after that is yours to claim.

Superpowers: Magic-Sense Unleashed is a twelve-part series of video and PDF courses designed to reveal hidden powers you've always had but doubted were yours.  Using the familiar structure of story, it puts you directly into the divine plan and teaches you to use your gifts (magic-sense) to bring about a happily-forever-after in life.

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Eternal Worth: Become a True Skyborn Warrior.

Claim Your Happily-Forever-After, now and always.

Are you looking for a coach to continue your journey to victory, today, tomorrow, and beyond?

The Mastermind course is your next step. Living Beyond the Doorway: Your personal journey of faith using stories that inspire on a daily basis.

It is a six-month journey with a unique course outline and monthly one-on-one coaching calls designed to delve deeper into your epic journey.

It is tied to the symbols from A Doorway Back to Forever.

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