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A Doorway Back to Forever

book series and free gifts for you.

Welcome to my world of Forever, where good stories beckon you home. Good stories provide

  • comfort in a world of confusion,
  • hope when you feel despair,
  • courage when you might think of giving up.

We escape in good stories for a reason—they fill us up when we need it most. A Doorway Back to Forever is a book series for youth and families designed to do all of that and more.

Best friends share secrets … unless it could cost them their lives.

Forbidden … and yet. The black vial calls to you.

Magic-sense will no longer be silent.

What price would you pay to make everything right?

BELIEVE takes a few misfit kids on a journey of faith to discover the power they were born with, the royal family that beckons them home, and the madman who wants them dead. Do you have the courage to join them?

TRUST finds our heroes embedded in a mysterious adventure taking them to Midnight and back and tempts their ability to trust who they are, why they’re here, and what they’ve been chosen to do.

DEFEND is a race for our young warriors to uncover the truth in a world of deceit, doubt, and fear. It is a battle cry to all people, young and old, to defend what is right.

HONOR pushes the warriors to their limits as they battle to save more than Tallisete. When all goes wrong, someone must make things right. Honor must be met, but at what cost?

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